'In thy arms I lost myself’  
Images, Perceptions and Productions in/of Antiquity

International Congress
NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities 
                                  Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

            The 9th, 10th, and 11th October 2019

The research group Antiguidade e a sua Recepção |Antiquity and its reception (CHAM – Centro de Humanidades / Centre for the Humanities) is organizing an International Congress subjected to the theme: “’In thy arms I lost myself’ – Images, Perceptions and Productions in/ of Antiquity”. 

Antiquity... this word encompasses a World, three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe  multiple civilizations – Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hebrew, Phoenician, Persian, Chinese, Hindu, Cretan, Greek, Roman – and more than 4000 years of history. 

The World, as we know it, was molded in this time – vast – and in these founding spaces, fecundated by rivers – Nile, Tiger and Euphrates, Indo and Yellow – and blessed by seas.  

One of those seas – the Mediterranean – due to its privileged position on the path of so many people and cultures, soon personified in history the role of the “true sea”, the “sea between the lands” – that both the Hebrews and classic authors such as Lucretius, Plinius and Seneca mentioned – whose waters, symbol of a World in transformation, represent and evoke the dangers and difficulties of the passage  from a known to an unknown World.

In “thy arms” of this known World – of this sea, these rivers and these lands – I have lost myself, a long time ago… But in the arms of this World to know – Antiquity – I found myself again, in order to witness a new construction of the true history of the World. A history stripped of dogmas, distortions and ignorance.

The International Congress  ’In thy arms I lost myself’ – Images, Perceptions and Productions in/ of Antiquity”– aims to open clues, to promote debates and devise resources that can contribute to the creation of a new Canon, based on a true knowledge of Ancient History.


Maria Helena Trindade Lopes

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Turismo de Lisboa
Organized by:
CHAM — Centro de Humanidades / CHAM — Centre for the Humanities Illuminati ID

Keynote Speakers

Professor Emeritus Doctor Pascal Vernus

Professor Doctor Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska

Professor Doctor Anderson Zalewski Vargas

Special Guest

     Professor Doctor Hisham El-Leithy 

Scientific Committee

Maria Helena Trindade LopesFrancisco Caramelo

João Paulo Oliveira e Costa

Anderson Zalewski Vargas

Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska

Isabel Gomes de Almeida

Manuel Patrocínio

Maria de Fátima Rosa

Maria do Rosário Laureano Santos

Ronaldo G. Pereira

Organizing Committee

André Patrício

Marcus Carvalho

Susana Mota

Support team

 Ana Mendes

Filipa Silva

Miguel Seleiro

Pedro Araújo