Antiquity and its Reception

The research group Antiguidade e a sua Recepção | Antiquity and its reception belongs to CHAM – Centro de Humanidades / Centre for the Humanities

Antiquity was, at different moments in times and over time, perceived in various ways. If we look at the accounts of European travellers who have walked the lands of the Near and Middle East since the Middle Ages, we find many cultural references that express a certain strangeness and perplexity in the face of otherness, as well as expressing preconceived ideas about Ancient History, both disseminated by the classical authors as well as by the Bible.

To these testimonies are added other textual and iconographic sources, which reflect a diachronic representation of antiquity. This vast corpus offers valuable information regarding the way Antiquity has been understood, making it essential to analyse the cultural perceptions / reflections of the past.
At the same time, this group develops several studies centred on the History and Civilization of Antiquity, from Egypt to Mesopotamia and the classical world, which become fundamental for the understanding of its reception in later periods, since those civilizations contributed actively to the cultures of the biblical and classical world.

Therefore, interdisciplinarity is central to materialize these objectives, achieved through the combined work of individual and team projects, focused on History, Literature, Linguistics and Archaeology.